Rodney & Terri VanDerzee

The VanDerZee Christmas Tree Farm began many years ago as a dream our father carried only to find out years after his death as we began our own dream to do the same. Living in Maryland and farmingĀ in New York brought many challenges along the way. First and foremost, traveling 320 miles one way to plant, mow, fertilize, trim, repair… etc. and then driving back home, never to be quite finished…

Our first planting in 2009 came after a trip to the National Christmas Tree Growers Association National Convention. While there, a long time grower came up to us and said “you want to grow Christmas trees huh?” After we answered with a resounding ‘sure do’, she responded with… “It’s more work than your probably up for, not too many people follow through with such a long term commitment.” So to make a long story short, we now had enough motivation to carry out our dream.

So here we are today carrying out our “retirement” plan and we still have a lot of work ahead. We are very excited and anxious to join all our new customers in our newly constructed barn and 11 acre tree lot on Stillwell Road. The same road we all grew up on and call home!

Every tree needs a loving home we hope you will find your’s here!


Happy Holidays,

Terri & Rodney VanDerZee